Acapulco Real Estate

Acapulco Real Estate

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Acapulco is home to one of the most spectacular views in the world, the Acapulco Bay, together with its breathtaking natural beauty, tropical climate, postcard beaches, explosive night-life, gourmet restaurants, and unending activities. This place is sought after not only by tourists but the ‘rich and famous’ as well.

If you’re considering owning or renting a tropical second home for retiring in Mexico, or the cold winter weather, or even investing in a residential or commercial property, good deals can be found in Acapulco real estate. Acapulco real estate features a range of residential properties including condos, apartments, houses, luxury villas, and land. Acapulco condos can be very affordable even with those located on the beach with great view of Acapulco bay and can enable a lot of people to live and retire in this tropical paradise city on a very self-effacing budget.

JQ Real Estate offers home, condominiums for sale, and villas with all price range, and is of the Acapulco real estate agency that’s highly recommended. Another Acapulco real estate agency is the Ignacio Aragon Real Estate that has properties for sale and short or long-term rentals. Some Acapulco real estate agencies offer commercial properties including commercial leases, lots, and even local businesses for sale.

When purchasing an Acapulco real estate or properties in Mexico, non-Mexican citizens can own and buy real estate in Mexico except those properties located in the coastal and border areas. Although Acapulco is obviously located in a coastal area, foreigners can still buy a property through a 50-year “Trust”. When this trust expires, the Mexican government will issue the owner a new permit for another 50 years. Considering the process, you may want to procure the services of a local attorney who’s an expert with Mexican laws.

Here are two of the featured Acapulco real estate properties that you may want to check:

La Cima Villas
This four luxury villas development is located in the hills of La Cima overlooking the Acapulco Bay, which were designed by Acapulco’s renowned architect, Franco Javier Larios. The designs and size of the villas are comparable to those villas priced two to three times higher, making them an attractive real estate property for buyers.

Casa Clarisa
This luxury villa has a beautiful view of Acapulco bay located in Marina Brisas. The villa is a five-bedroom 6-bathroom villa, which is fully furnished that includes pool and Jacuzzi, sauna, fitness room, home cinema, air-conditioning, and huge walk-in closet, and is also exquisitely decorated. Includes a parking for three autos and is private and secure.

Acapulco real estate has a wide array of choices from the most elegant and expensive villas, to the modest ones that will suit every need of a home seeker in this tropical paradise city.